Some of my past work. More pictures and information of the knives can be found on my Instagram page. Link is on top right corner of this website.

Aikaisempia töitäni. Lisää kuvia ja tietoa niistä löytyy Instagram-sivultani. Linkki sinne löytyy tämän sivuston oikeasta ylänurkasta.

Puukko with pine cone resin handle and polished blade from elmax

Stainless N690 fillet with ebony handle and nickel silver fittings

Birch bark puukko with ‘puskusauma’ and knotted beltloop

Saami style knife

A set of 5 basic puukkos

Filleting knife with ironwood, bronze and 80CrV2

Hunting knife with wenge, steel guard and 80CrV2 blade

Puukko with hybrid handle from curly birch and epoxy

A petty with a handle from curly maple and tamboti, n690 stainless steel blade

Fishing knife with stabilized spalted birch handle and n690 stainless steel

Puukko with thuya burl/ super white elk antler. Curved connections and thuya inlay in the butt of the handle. 80CrV2 blade

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